Matfer Bourgeat Exoglass Pelton Spatula Gray


  • Made of Exoglass: Innovative composite material developed by Matfer
  • Will meet your high standards for sanitary hygiene in food contact environments
  • Longlasting: will not deteriorate or rust over time
  • Perfect for nonstick coated pans: will not scratch
  • Super Heat Resistant: up to 430F
  • Durable and nondeformable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in France

This spatula is made to stand up to a high volume of usage and extra-high heat: it’s an at-home version of the metal spatulas restaurant cooks use to flip burgers, sandwiches, and pancakes. Peek into the kitchen next time you’re at your favorite diner–they’ll be using a spatula shaped like this. Why? Expediency. You can slip this spatula under two burgers and lift and flip within seconds. Its long body gets under the food and balances it so there’s no drooping and slipping off the sides. There’s less sticking, too, thanks to the spatula’s three long air vents. And don’t worry if you leave it leaning against a hot pan–it won’t melt.